Snow Days

Can you believe how much snow we have had? That combined with the Polar Vortex we have had a lot of time to be at home. I have spent many days not knitting, instead doing all the other things for a small business and attending to the needs of the family. Today is no different. I’m working on getting just the right system to work for my on-line store. I keep thinking it will be easy, yet each time I dive into it I run into issues of some kind. It’s days like this I wish things would just fall into place so that we can send yarn all over the country or even just the Twin Cities, but no such luck. Soon! I promise I will have this thing up and running. At the very least I will get the classes on-line, hopefully by the end of the month. Ok, no real promises, but I’m doing my very best.

Now, I need to do some knitting….get those creative juices flowing once again. Shop Hop is just around the corner and I need to write a pattern! Argh!