Columbus, OH

I arrived in Columbus, OH today for the TNNA (The National Needlearts Association) Summer Trade Show.  I have a great room with panoramic views.  A great spot to have a glass of wine and do a little knitting.  I'm currently knitting the Delicious Swirl Cowl in Two Sweets Licorice Sport.  Only ripped it out once, since I skipped ahead on the pattern, oops!  Can't wait to share the cowl in the store. 

Make sure you stop in this weekend to say hi to my mom, and probably my girls too.  I'm so lucky to have such a supportive family so I can hang out all weekend with yarn lovers.  I'll be home next week with all sorts of fun ideas and of course more yarn on the way.  

Oh, and the official GRAND OPENING is next weekend, June 16-18!!