Snow Days

Can you believe how much snow we have had? That combined with the Polar Vortex we have had a lot of time to be at home. I have spent many days not knitting, instead doing all the other things for a small business and attending to the needs of the family. Today is no different. I’m working on getting just the right system to work for my on-line store. I keep thinking it will be easy, yet each time I dive into it I run into issues of some kind. It’s days like this I wish things would just fall into place so that we can send yarn all over the country or even just the Twin Cities, but no such luck. Soon! I promise I will have this thing up and running. At the very least I will get the classes on-line, hopefully by the end of the month. Ok, no real promises, but I’m doing my very best.

Now, I need to do some knitting….get those creative juices flowing once again. Shop Hop is just around the corner and I need to write a pattern! Argh!

Columbus, OH

I arrived in Columbus, OH today for the TNNA (The National Needlearts Association) Summer Trade Show.  I have a great room with panoramic views.  A great spot to have a glass of wine and do a little knitting.  I'm currently knitting the Delicious Swirl Cowl in Two Sweets Licorice Sport.  Only ripped it out once, since I skipped ahead on the pattern, oops!  Can't wait to share the cowl in the store. 

Make sure you stop in this weekend to say hi to my mom, and probably my girls too.  I'm so lucky to have such a supportive family so I can hang out all weekend with yarn lovers.  I'll be home next week with all sorts of fun ideas and of course more yarn on the way.  

Oh, and the official GRAND OPENING is next weekend, June 16-18!!

Doors Open

Yesterday we opened our doors!  It's been a crazy week of getting ready with lots of help from family and friends, but we did it!  The Edina Art Fair is this weekend, so we have a lot of people walking by during the great weather and checking things out.  I can't even tell you how many people walked in the door and asked us "How long have you been here?" and our response "We opened today!" We are so excited to share our store with everyone, stop in soon and check us out.

Build Out

The Build Out is happening!  Paint colors are set to go on the walls, the old flooring is up and ready for the new stuff.  Antique cabinets and fixtures are ready to be put in place along with all the wonderfully gorgeous yarn that happens to be in my living room right now.  We are getting so excited for the big reveal and we can't wait to share our store and our vision with all our friends and family, as well as the friends we have yet to meet.

Hope to see you all in a few weeks!