A place to gather surrounded by luxurious fibers and handmade goods.


Our name pays homage to my grandmothers, both women were strong, independent and classy.  


The Grandmothers


Harriet was a teacher and principal who had an amazing sense of style and didn't let little things like tradition and sexism get in the way of doing what she loved. 


Alice was a stay at home mother who made all of her girl's clothes and did her best to make sure they had what they needed.  She worked in a factory during WWII and was a county fair Blue Ribbon holder for her paintings and dolls.

The Staff


Chief Executive Knitter

Kate has a passion for all things handmade and repurposed.  She learned how to knit from her mother more than 15 years ago.  After teaching high school for 16 years she decided to take a break and hang out with her husband Brian, 3 children; Sydney, Aidan & Libby and their yellow lab, Sawyer.  Now an opportunity has presented itself and she is running with it.  Her love of knitting, artisan goods and being a people person is what makes Harriet & Alice the perfect place for her to embark on a new adventure.


Principal Purler

Jeanne is a retired elementary school teacher who has taught not only Kate how to knit, also all of her former students.  She learned how to knit, crochet, sew, you name it from her mother Alice.  Not only is she an accomplished crafter and artisan she is the best partner in crime a girl could have.  She will be in the store sharing her knowledge and skills in addition to working for her yarn stash habit.  Need help with a dropped stitch or an idea for a new project, she's your woman.

Krystal, Jessica, Sloane & Michelle

Our team has grown over the past year, and we are so happy to have these fabulous women a part of it.  Each bring strength, confidence, skills and a lively spirit to the shop that we cannot do without!